Where I Ate: Paris, France

Thought I'd share our favorite eateries in Paris since I know how difficult it is to find a nice place to eat while experiencing culture shock, hah! Let's get some things out of the way first- we aren't picky eaters nor did we have any expectations for the food beside it being farm-to-table. So we … Continue reading Where I Ate: Paris, France


Ten Travel Tips for Paris

Bonjour and back to our daily program of Strut with Susan on Fridays! I've spent 2 weeks in the lovely city of Paris, and wanted to share ten travel/lodging tips. The little advice I'm sharing has the ability to make your trip 10 times better... Okay, okay. That's being dramatic. BUT it will help you … Continue reading Ten Travel Tips for Paris


Strut with Susan Yellow

Yellow's become one of my favorite colors for this new season in my life. This job-hunt, social life balancing, mental health watching, cheerleading friends and family on their endeavors on the side gets a little exhausting. Everyone knows I've always taken the unbeaten path, so to speak. I like to discover every and all kinds of … Continue reading Yellow