When in Boston

When In Boston

First things first: Find yourself some amazing friends to travel with & you'll never go without laughter, even at the most inappropriate times. We flew in late Thursday night (basically Friday morning), and Uber-ed to the Airbnb. 1:30a.m. is not an ideal time to get stuck outside the Airbnb though, you know? In the dark … Continue reading When in Boston


Explore: Galveston, TX 

I've lived in Houston for my whole life, and have always took family trips to Galveston since it's the closest beach to us. Does that mean I can call myself a local there? Absolutely not; And especially not after Saturday's adventure! University starts up in about two weeks, and my guy will be taking a … Continue reading Explore: Galveston, TX 


It's the City of Love because everyone who visits this wonderful city falls in love with its busy streets, sweets, and views that leave you speechless. I want to share my exploration of my self-proclaimed future home! Hope you'll love it, too... 1. These Paris streets! I love the way they utilize every space they have. … Continue reading Paris